New Blog On Ascension

by Greg Zangari

October 28, 2011

Dear George,

I haven’t written in a while as I’ve only been doing some reading via my tablet and watching some news videos (Aljezeera and RT) as well as some comedy as we always need to keep laughing through our pain! During the past week, I totally disconnected from social media sites and much of the Internet altogether….

To Ishvar:

Funny that you mentioned a forum. I recently mentioned to Wendy that we should offer our web site forums for the use of not only the readers of our web site (

but for members of the PAT as well! Back in the early part of the Summer, I built our current forum via one of the free forum sites. Although we’ve had about 100 people trickle in, there was never much discussion at all, except for right after our launch. A few people came in and ask similar questions to the ones posed by the PAT members here on George’s page. You can get to the forum by hovering over the “Forum” menu on our site, or by going directly to

Anyone is welcomed to join and the bulk of this forum is private after registration. There are only a few public forums, where anyone can read about the purpose and mission of our “Community Forum”, our forum guidelines, etc. Please consider it a home away from home for the PAT.  Wendy and I realized early on that at some point this forum would be utilized. I think it’s just found it’s purpose.

To Our Global PAT:I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who are writing in and sharing your experiences! The LBP has been a long-term struggle for Wendy and I, but I’ve learned so much watching my life turn upside down more than once in the past 20 years. Know that it is very comforting to read what you share of your personal struggles and triumphs (which make our spirits soar!) and all of you have helped make our lives easier. The compassion and love we feel for each of you sometimes is overwhelming. Thank You PAT! We Love You!

Much Love My Friend!

Greg Zangari


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