Open Letter to Light Workers – July 8, 2011

Open Letter by Dr. Georgi Stankov

July 8, 2011

To All Light Workers and Activists,

Who are fostering the idea of World Disclosure Day, July 8, 2012 and demanding from all world governments to reveal the existence of ETs on earth, such as the current Powers That Be from the Orion/Reptilian Empire as well as of ETs from the Galactic Federation, the Agarthans from the Inner Earth, and the White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters, who are currently helping earth and humanity to ascend to the 5th dimension.

The idea to promote The World Disclosure Day, as first announced by Steve Bassett and other activists from the light worker movement, is a noble and highly welcomed incentive that should be supported by all enlightened humans on earth. However, the decision to demand that this Disclosure should be first announced by the current men on power, who are all minions of the dark aliens from the Orion/Reptilian Empire and have enslaved mankind for millennia, is a fundamental spiritual and intellectual blunder with grievous practical consequences.

Why should any enlightened human being, who is fully aware of the actual situation on earth, ask for an official Disclosure Act by the dark ones in the world governments on the existence of aliens on earth, thus publicly admitting that some of these dark aliens from the Orion Empire, being the actual co-creators of Homo Sapiens, have pitilessly enslaved present-day humanity for more than 13 000 years by instigating endless wars, calamities, epidemic diseases, oppressions of human freedom, insidious criminal acts, such as the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre, while keeping their existence on earth secret by numerous dumbing-down practices?

To ask the dark ones to admit their darkness in order to liberate oneself from their influence is the most stupid attitude, which humans have unfortunately embraced for millennia with respect to their Controllers, thus only deepening their perennial enslavement. It is precisely this tactics that the dark ones have always employed, while subjugating humanity to their insidious plans. This is the greatest delusion, which humanity can display at this time when the social and material structures of the current World Order are crumbling with an exponential speed and the dark ones are in a total disarray, and poignantly aware of their helplessness.

No sovereign, autark being should ever come to the perverse idea that he/she needs an official acknowledgement by his/her master that he/she has been enslaved for eons of time and now has become a free person by the gracious benevolence of this same oppressor. The individual freedom of man can only be achieved by living up to it. This is the spiritual lesson that humanity will have to learn in the course of this year – the Arab world has already commenced with this lesson; it is  now the turn of the American people to start learning this lesson.

As a former dissident and a professional revolutionary for many years, I have personal experience with many revolutions and revolts on this planet since the Prague Spring, which have ultimately led to the liberation of the East European peoples in 1989 from the oppressive communist system of the Cold War. In all these cases, it were the people on the streets that revolted against the red dictatorships and forced them to admit the truth – that they have suppressed the freedom of their people for decades with every possible act of brutality and inhuman hatred.

And make no mistake – the current American government is no less oppressive and inhuman than the former communist regimes in Eastern Europe. That is why they crumbled within several days in October 1989, This same scenario will be repeated this year with the US-government. But this ultimate act of liberation of the American people will not come by virtue of announcing the existence of benevolent ETs, as this will automatically lead to the announcement of the existence of evil aliens, with whom all US-governments after WW2 have been embroiled in clandestine dark operations with the objective of oppressing the American people and the whole humanity.

How could an intelligent, independently thinking human being expect such a U-turn in the mental attitude of the current proxies of the dark ones in government, criminal corporations, and flawed justice system? This will tantamount to a true revelation and enlightenment by the dark ones that will, by far and large, exceed the current modest awakening of most light workers, who are old souls and star seeds and energetically much more open to the Higher Self than the sleeping rest of humanity.

The current human minions of the aliens from the Orion Empire are, in their vast majority, young souls that express a similar dark mentality as that of their masters – the Greys and the Reptilians. They will need another several thousand years (earth time) of human incarnation as to progress spiritually to such an extent as to be able to admit and comprehend the myriad heinous acts, which they have committed during their current incarnation and in many previous lives. To expect such a leap in morality and ethical dexterity by these human beings is not only naive on the side of the proponents of the World Disclosure Day, but this fact also displays a fundamental ignorance as to the requirements of the current process of Enlightenment and Ascension of humanity.

Announce the World Disclosure Day and celebrate it among light workers, but avoid the blunder to make it dependent on the gracious benevolence of those that have oppressed you for so long time and have no other intention in mind, but to continue with this practice as long as they are ousted from power, as this is the only way of living, which they can imagine within their narrow-minded, fear-driven human templates. It seems to me that some light workers perceive themselves as hostages or helpless outsiders of the current World Order and suffer from the Stockholm syndrome by accommodating their fear-based mentality to that of their ruthless hijackers.

What can a light worker do in this particular moment when the planet’s clock is ticking a second to dawn and the final Disclosure can take place anytime soon on earth? Send love and compassion to all dark ones in government and other places of power, but do not expect them to announce your liberation. Liberation can only come from within you and only after that can it be expressed in the outer world by walking your talk.

You are the Creator of your reality – you are the ones who implement the Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction in your personal life. You can create a sparkling future in the 5th dimension, but first you have to destroy the current structures of your enslavement on earth by simply discerning them and not by begging their architects to announce your liberation. Then the Disclosure of the Forces of Light will be the actual act of liberation of humanity from its perennial enslavement by the Powers That Be. You can not expect from your oppressors to accomplish this work for you.

Therefore, clear first and foremost your mind from the mist of your esoteric bogus thinking and see reality as it is. Make yourself clear what Ascension is all about and after that what Disclosure is all about.

Ascension is the individual and collective augmentation of the frequencies of the human physical vessel to the higher frequencies of the 5th dimension, where part of  humanity will ascend by the end of 2012.

In the course of this energetic transformation, which is currently described as Light Body Process, the human mind, which has been entrapped for eons of time in infinite limitations and mental blockades by the Powers That Be, the aliens from the Orion Empire and the initial genetic creators of Homo Sapiens, will be finally liberated and will begin to think independently and critically. In other word – holistically, in cosmic dimensions.

Man will begin to perceive the whole picture on earth, including the heinous practices of the dark ones that have enslaved him in the past. To ask these very dark ones to liberate you from your enslavement by declaring their hidden existence on earth is, but another fear-driven act of subjugation to them. It shows that many light workers still need to go a long way, before they have acquired the necessary level of enlightenment as to ascend by the end of 2012.

Disclosure can never be an official act of announcement of the existence of other aliens – be they good or evil – by those on power, but the personal acknowledgement that we all are aliens on this planet and that our real home are the higher realms of the soul, where we exist eternally and create as multidimensional beings. After every light worker has made this individual Disclosure for himself, will he be given the ability to demonstrate his multidimensional, god-like Nature on earth. All human being are bound to become Gods very soon and surpass their current masters. Why begging the evil ones to announce our Redemption? This is not the cosmic plan for this planet and for all human beings at the End Times.

Therefore, expect no first Decloaking of the Galactic Federation, to which many of you as light workers belong, but the First Ascension Wave of some advanced human beings among you, who will demonstrate the unlimited energetic power of the human race as transgalactic human species. The Disclosure, which some ill-guided light workers are craving for, will be the First Encounter with Us as Ascended Masters. They have incarnated on earth at this time and have suffered with the rest of mankind, just as the entity Jesus Christ has alllegedly suffered for humanity two thousand years ago.

And I can only hope that this time humanity will not misinterpret the imminent appearance of the new Ascended Masters as the Christians have done with the appearance and teaching of Jesus Christ during the dark era of Christianity, which is finally coming to an end in the course of this and next year.


Dr. Georgi Stankov

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